Friday, January 07, 2005

THEY'RE BACK. WE'RE OFF: Apparently the totally-re-recorded Oasis album is now ready to roll, and Noel says it's the Best Oasis Album Ever. Which he's said every time they've finished work on an album, even the one which they had to scrap in a hugely expensive and embarrasing fashion because not even Michael Eavis could find anything in it to love. (You might recall that this time last year, NME were predicting 2004 was going to be the year of "the return of Oasis", and their sixth album would be "the best one ever"). Noel reckons the only songs on the record which sound like Oasis are the ones written by Andy Bell, and that the best things (or, rather, "most interesting" things) are Liam's songs. "They are very, very good", apparently. Who knows, maybe this album will actually be just-about-good-enough to be released?

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