Friday, February 11, 2005

THE END OF THE LEGAL AFFAIRS: After what seems to be an eternity of staring at the wrong end of a judge's bench, Courntey has finally settled her outstanding cases.

In the usual rockstar fashion, she reversed her constant claims of innocence, she pleaded guilty to possessing a forged prescription and oxycodone, and offered no contest to the attacking a woman with a bottle. The upshot of this legal-tidying away is that Love stays out of jail, and finds herself on a bunch of punishments - 100 hours community service, drug treatment plans, attending Narcotics Anonymous (how can US courts legally compell someone to attend a body which enforces the belief in a higher power as a prerequisite for progression, by the way?) and a fine, and she'll be on probation for three years, too. You wouldn't want to be Courtney's probation officer, would you?

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