Friday, February 11, 2005

MEN THAT ARE LIKE MARS, WOMEN, ARE MOST HEINOUS: Apparently, muttering "I'll take good care of you, babe" in a post-coital embrace can be seen as a legal contract, at least in the view of an ex of Mick Mars. Robin Mantooth - and there's a name, right there - says that Motley Crue's Mars reneged on a promise that he'd take care of her if their relationship ever came to an end.

Apparently, they had a fourteen-year relationship, at the start of which Mantooth abandoned her "career as a documentary film-maker" (oddly, it doesn't seem to have taken very much in the way of abandoning) to "move in with Mick", which clearly she saw as some sort of career move. She wants ten million dollars in recompense.

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