Friday, February 11, 2005

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO COREY FELDMAN?: That's what the Jackson trial is set to find out, actually, as Feldman is set to be called give evidence. Apparently, it's just occured to Feldman that maybe an adult showing a teenage boy nuddy pictures might just be slightly odd.

Incidently, could we just make a small plea that the press gets over its obsession that he's a "former child star"? Sure, he was in the Goonies - but he was also in lots more... like, um...

Bikini Bandits, for example
. (Sample review: "there you are on the high way and along come bandits, in bikinis")

... and...

Lipstick Camera
. (Sample Review: "How can someone spend money to make such a movie? What did the people involved think about when they made this movie? WHY DID ANYONE CARE TO MAKE THIS MOVIE???")

See... so much more than just one of the Goonies, alright?

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