Friday, February 11, 2005

JANET'S IN TROUBLE, TOO: We're sure her mother is sighing and preparing another round of 'my child is innocent' interviews on Fox, as news reaches us of a USD120 million lawsuit slapped on Janet.

Leonard Salati claims that her bodyguards attacked him when he tried to pass a note to Janet - this was after spending some time hanging out with her earlier in the day.

Salati's suit alleges that "without provocation," Jackson's protectors went into action, "grabbing [him] around the neck, engaging [him] in a choke hold" and "dragging him down the steps" of the club, then "evicting him from Marquee into the street."

Salati says he partially blacked out during the episode.

"Witnesses say he was choked so severely they could tell he was gasping for air," Salati's lawyer Steven Goldman contends. "We don't know the extent of the spine injury."

Apparently, this is all Janet's fault because she was "negligent" in her choice of security. Of course, he could have sued the guard, but, hey, he's probably not filthy rich, is he?

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