Wednesday, February 09, 2005

HANG AROUND WITH MARIAH CAREY: There's a casting call gone out for the new Mariah Carey video - why, we can picture the finished article already:

Hey, folks! We're looking for upscale wedding guests and high rolling party guests with your own upscale wardrobe (tuxedos, black ties, sexy gowns, rhinestone formals). These people are good looking model types. Tall and thin types, please, with a more urban, hip, edgy ethnic diversity. Mixed cultures, but with attitude. This is an exclusive, good-looking event. Ages 20-45. This pays $150/12 and shoots this Wednesday through Friday (any one of these days). Submit photos and we'll call you if Brett Ratner likes your look. Good luck!

It's a fact, of course, that upscale wedding guests will only be good-looking: naturally, if you're getting married and have ugly parents, they can attend the ceremony but only if they lurk round the back of the priest's hole. And it's astonishing to hear that in Mariah Carey's world, having people of different races in the same room is "urban, hip, edgy" - can you imagine how edgy she'd think the London Underground was at rush hour?

Meanwhile, there's a call for a 2Pac/Elton John "short film" (the very definition of edgy, we suppose).

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