Wednesday, February 09, 2005

LESSER MEN MIGHT TAKE THE HINT: We know Ashlee Simpson is far from loved, but things just seem to be going from terrible to terribler for her. Having been jeered after SNL and shouted down at the Rose Bowl, she has now become the first singer in history to be so very awful she's been booed off a shop-floor. While shopping. Not singing.

Out shopping with two femme pals, she'd just entered Red Balls boutique when four late-teen girls spotted her, let out a whoop and ran inside! Ashlee grinned ear-to-ear, figuring they were fans wanting autographs, then recoiled like she'd been slapped when Mean Girl #1 shrieked, "You're a FAKER!" Pale and speechless, she stood paralyzed as the leering gang howled insults - then turned and ran sobbing as Mean Girl #2 spit this mega-nasty in her face: "You have NO talent, Ashlee . . . and you're not as pretty as your sister!" The Witches of Melrose cackled as one of Ashlee's pals screamed, "Look what you've done . . . I hope you're happy now!" As they escorted the tear-streaked thrush back to her car, my earwitness heard Ashlee wail, "I don't know if I can take much more of this . . . it sucks . . . it REALLY SUCKS!"

You have to wonder what sort of father it is who keeps putting his daughter through this sort of thing. Joe, if you have an ounce of decency, let her quit showbiz.

Or at least teach her how to deal with criticism.


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