Saturday, February 05, 2005

THE RETURN OF POPBITCH TWANG: The moment where Popbitch stretches credibility too far It seems almost unfair to mention this in light of the excellent story about Dre's record company throwing a fit when it found out 1Xtra was going to spend an entire day drawing attention to it being his 40th Birthday on the 18th, but... did Popbitch really run the urban myth that forms the basis of Kangaroo Jack as a story that happened to Staus Quo?

Coming in next week's mailout: The time Cliff Richard stopped to pick up a mysterious hitch-hiker, who left an axe behind in the car...

Can you imagine the vitriol if a new poster had stumbled onto the board with that tale? Perhaps MediaGuardian's big Holy Moly splash upset Team Bitch so much they took their eye off the ball...

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