Friday, March 04, 2005

COUNTRYOBIT: The death has been announced of Joe Carter, part of the Carter Family.

The five month old Carter travelled with his parents, AP and Sara, to Bristol for the recording sessions that would become part of country folklore. It was the start of a life that would be dedicated to country music, at the heart of country's first family - although he also found time for a main career as a builder and carpenter. He built the Carter Family Fold in Virginia, which for thirty years has been part museum, part venue; he also helped fill the venue with his own performances.

Joe had turned 78 a couple of Sundays ago; last week he had been too ill attend the Leon Kiser Memorial Tribute Show ceremony in Bristol honouring both him and sister Janette Carte. The speech made by his niece Rita Carter at that event is being carried on the official Carter Family website as a tribute:

Uncle Joe and Mom have always been especially close, so he’s always been around us a lot. Many of my childhood memories include Uncle Joe and lots of laughter and good times. He’s a lot like Clinch Mountain—a solid and constant presence in my life. Both my brothers think the world of him and love spending time with him. Flo grew up in the same house with Uncle Joe, and she loves him dearly. Marty Stuart and others who love him call him “Joe Bull.” Joe truly is one of the most unique and amazing people I have ever known.

We love you, Uncle Joe.