Friday, March 04, 2005

A QUICK LOOK AT THIS MORNING'S PAPERS: Interesting new development as the Mirror plays through the keyhole:

We think that's the first time there's been use of the accuser/victim/elephant taunter's name. To be honest, there's something disappointing about the Jackson bedroom - it's nowhere near as grotesque as we'd been led to believe ("hoping") [Happy, Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells?].

It also appears that Kerry Kataona has been named Mum of The Year - which is interesting; are the organisers saying they couldn't find someone who hadn't used their family and its disintegration as a replacement for having a career? "I know Mummy loves me; she says so in Closer..."

The Star doesn't do Jackson the courtesy of putting quotation marks round 'pervy', but then... it is reporting a lifesize boy scout doll in uniform, so that's probably fair enough.

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Disgusted of etc., etc... said...

"nowhere near as grotesque as we'd been led to believe"

Superb! See? This 'ere bloggy stuff is edderkayshernal too!

I will now call off the dogs.

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