Thursday, March 03, 2005

THE END OF THE AFFAIR: Jennifer Lopez has written a jolly little tune detailing the snapping of her relationship with Ben Affleck. It's called Can't Believe This Is Me, and the lyrics will probably piss off her new husband Marc Anthony a bit:

I'm tired of running away from my fear and the day/
That our life has no meaning/
Without a word or a reason/
Like a coward, you're leaving/
Sitting here inside an empty room that was filled with us/
Only boxes to define what was left of what we used to call love/
It's sad that after all of this time/
you have nothing to say/
Ooh, and the only thing that you could've done/
you choose to walk away

I put up with the rumours/
the claims that you cheat/
It was worth it, it kept us/
On the front page of Heat/
Not sure why I'm moaning/
My heart's no longer free/
But I'm stuck with a genre act/
And he still outsells me/
I regret every meeting you/
You treated my heart just like shit/
f I'd waited just a few months/
I could have had a crack at Brad Pitt

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