Thursday, March 03, 2005

NELLY TOLD: PACK YOUR TRUNK: Jonesboro, Arkansas, is apparently like a latter-day Eden; a wonderful city where we still love lucy and communists are run from town on a pole. The Reverend Adrian Rodgers insists the place is so wonderful because they won't stand for no nasty business. Then look who decided to call in:

Nelly - a man who doesn't even own a shirt and is fond of the cussing and swearing (also: whoring and pimping) got booked for a gig at the State University.And they aren't having that. 20 Jonesboro Ministers have put aside their liturgical differences to call for the gig to be boycotted.

"Tear the tickets up," Mr Rodgers said. "Do not go and do not allow your children to go."

It's good advice, but for all the wrong reasons. The burning question, though: if Jonesboro is so nice, who have they sold 5000 tickets to?

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