Thursday, March 03, 2005

IF YOU HAVE TEARS, PREPARE: The Tears - which everyone else is pretending don't have such a shit name and calling Anderson and Butler - are preparing to splash the recorded material around. Single on April 18th, Refugees, and then an album come May 2nd.

Meanwhile, Brett has some stuff to say:
“For years and years after Bernard left Suede it was me running the show, but now the stakes are raised. I feel like we are duelling with each other, in some kind of friendly competition. When we were at our best it was always like that, each trying to better each other.”

Brett - are you seriously trying to tell us that you had the power go to your head when you were left running Suede? Surely not? After all, with the drugs and that wouldn't the quality have become a bit iffy under those circumstances?


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