Wednesday, March 02, 2005

THE END OF V: The chances are, you won't have really have had your lives touched by V - although you might have seen them hanging about on a quieter week on CD:UK, you'd have probably assumed they were the rough trade hoping to get a hop-on with some of the less-picky gay musicians.

But now, they've decided that it's time to call it a day, and in doing so, they've actually been more entertaining than ever they were when they were setting out to entertain us:

Hi ya guys,

It's a sad time for us all at the minute and not just because the snow won't settle - although that is obviously very frustrating.

Unfortunately, after the best 2 years of our lives, we've decided to call it a day as V. Words can't even begin to express how much fun we've had during our time in the band; meeting all you lot, performing to thousands upon thousands of people, making our own record and going to places we would only of otherwise dreamed of - it really has been incredible.

However, for whatever reasons, it just hasn't happened for us as big as we would have liked. It's no-ones fault, it's just that music at the moment isn't quite ready for an all singing, all dancing boyband. Blame Busted. Haha, just kidding. (But seriously - do :)

We'd like to say a huge thankyou to anyone who's ever supported the group - be it buying any of our records, travelled to a gig, or even clicked on to this very website, you're all fantastic and we're so, so, grateful.

We're sure you'll see more of us in the future as we take various career paths - Mark is going to travel to the moon like Lance out of N*Sync, Leon has set up his own Elvis lookalike agency, Antony can be seen flying harris hawks around various parts of Indonesia and Kevin and Aaron are going to live in New York with Sarah Jessica Parker.

But seriously, we've loved every single second of being in V and wouldn't change a thing. Well, maybe the album cover perhaps, hehe….

Take care of yourselves people,

Lots of love always,
x x x x x x

p/s Donations can be made to the V Foundation. Cash only please.

It's almost enough to have us welling up that they actually realised that they're just not cutting it. Normally there's the tired lies of "other things", promises of other careers on the stage or in acting. But V pretty much say they've got nothing else to do, it's just not worth the effort being a boyband anymore.

Farewell, then, Mark, Leon, um, the other one, and thingy. We won't actually miss you, but we'll always wonder if we should.

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