Wednesday, March 02, 2005

THEY'VE NOT REALLY DONE IT RIGHT SINCE JOHNNY MATHIS: Doing a Gap ad was once the 1990s equivalent of guesting on the Muppet Show - it wasn't exactly dignified, but it was an indication that you counted in the celeb firmament. Now, though, it seems to be the crutch for those with a hobbled career: Madonna, Missy 'now I am a game show' Elliot, Sarah 'no, I haven't actually ever seen someone who'd been slapped with a wet kipper, but then I've never seen you without a four month session of airbrushing, either' Jessica Parker. Joining the list, and presumably with the hope on both sides that it's not going to be another career gravestone:

Yes, Joss Stone. At least, unlike the others, she might at least have been in a Gap in the last few years.

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