Friday, March 04, 2005

FRED DURST'S THOUGHTS FOR THE DAY: It's been a while since we went to catch-up with what Fred is thinking, and we were surprised to discover that his previous post on the limp bizkit blog had mysteriously "disappeared" - thank god we were able to salvage it for history. We'd better do a quick scrape of his current postings in case those, too, are lost to eternity. After all, we wouldn't want to miss this one:

Monday, February 28, 2005
only you know
two people were walking alone in the woods together....

they knew the air wasn't as clean as usual..

the sun barely found its way in the further they went....

they arrive...

one person turns to the next and asks if they are dying...

silence interupts for a brief moment before a willing response is muttered..

"____ __________ __ ______ ___ _______ _ ____________!!"

since neither of them have spoken since should we assume they are doing fine?

why would we ever think anything else?

music is art

art is expression

expression is needful
Posted by: fred / 7:34 PM

There would have been more, but Mom called him down to dinner at that point.

Then there's this:

Tuesday, March 01, 2005
question #1
if there was a rallying of the limp believers would you participate under any circumstances and by all means necessary?
Posted by: fred / 10:59 AM

f course, there's comments on the blog full of people going "wooo - yeah, Fred..." - although not everyone's got the hang of "all means necessary":

You long as I don't have to break the law...but that is negotiable too.

But most? It's all "how high?":

First rule of project bizkit is you do not ask questions!!! Fuck yeah!,I'm already there Fred!!! Limp Bizkit forever!!!! All yall haters eat a bowl of dicks!!!!
# posted by KrylonBomb96 : 11:46 AM
"I would for you!", I've been limping with the Bizkit since the start, now 2 babies, a minivan and a mortgage later, I'm still with you baby. You are my touchstone. I get in my husband's car by myself, open the sunroof, pop in the bizkit and I feel like a woman again; alive and full of emotion and sexual energy. Thank you for that.
# posted by Vic : 1:28 PM
If it was in my area, definately. Otherwise, I'm BROKE and can hardly afford to travel a hundred some odd miles for a demonstration, no matter how much I believe in the cause.
# posted by Meghan : 5:03 PM

The slightly scary thing about this is people are actually behaving like they're being rallied - "well, Fred, I might have to sort out a babysitter and a plane ticket..." - and you can almost hear the thought "Do we all get guns? Or knives, at least?" If ever you needed confirmation that the 'fuck you I won't do what you tell me' squad are actually more meek and following than a bunch if especially nervous lambs in the dark, there would be your evidence.

For the record: he's rallied about 230 souls so far - big enough to cause a disruptive queue at the automatic ticket machines in a medium-sized station; not quite of a size to seize power.

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