Friday, March 04, 2005

HUQ OFF: We were doing our best to remain aloof from Fame Academy does Comic Relief, but last night we did catch Konnie Huq doing Kids in America. [You can make up your own Michael Jackson joke, can't you? You don't need us to spoonfeed you].

Konnie Huq

She wasn't very good, but we couldn't believe the po-faced judges, who were banging on about it like she was a desperate wannabe. Hello, David Grant, maybe Konnie isn't that arsed because she's got a dayjob? Have you thought of that? Kim Wilde was also called upon, and glorious Kim offered a tentative "I think she did my song about as well as I could present Kids in America" - somewhat generous, actually, as Kim's quite a good presenter.

There was also Colin Murray, turning up to "support" Edith Bowman - he'd brought her a sexy neglige. I'm telling you, they have a Charlie-Shelley Corrie thing going on there. He'll be waving around the Edith Bowman topless photos and suggesting she diets for Children In Need - you'll see.

Upshot was, of course, Konnie got voted off. Gina Yashere - who has a singing voice designed to keep ships colliding in fog - somehow survived another round.

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The Alter Ego said...

Fuck me, she's a giant

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