Friday, March 04, 2005

JAMELIA: FLOODED WITH LOVE: Jamelia has decided it's time to move in with her boyfriend Darren Byfield - seen here not actually being levitated - after a domestic crisis.

Darren Byfield

She was living quite happily elsewhere with her mum, but came home one day to find the house flooded. She seems to have taken this as a sign that href="">it was time to move in with Gillingham player Darren. There's a "source" on hand:

"Things have been getting pretty serious between them and it just seemed like the natural thing for Jamelia to move in with Darren.

"It took an emergency for her to realise she wanted to take her relationship with Darren a step further and live with him under the same roof."

The flood remains a bit of a mystery; rumours that someone had tried to flush a football boot down the toilet are unconfirmed.

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