Wednesday, March 30, 2005


What we don't quite understand about the Jonathan King case: we've read dozens of times where people who believe they're the victims of miscarriages of justice remain in prison long after they could have been paroled, because they refuse to accept their guilt. It's the admission of guilt which is seen as first step on the road to rehabiltation.

And yet King is out on parole, loudly proclaiming that he is 100% innocent. How did that happen? Was the prison service that sick of him?


Jonathan said...

I think they work on the 'model prisoner' and 'no further threat' principle, as well as the fact that he got a long sentence in the first place. But it's a bit odd, yes.

Anonymous said...

I asked just this question of a friend of mine who works in the probation service, She said admission of guilt is only relevent for certain crimes. With King's particular offence the issue is more whether he poses a threat, which given the timescale of the offences seems unlikely.

Anonymous said...

...but still likely enough to have him sign the sexual offenders register?

Anonymous said...

I tried to post this comment on his site.
Jonathan, funny how you wont let the REAL public post comments on your sitv and all i see is priase for yourself. also for someone who claime's to have eraned so much in prison why are you asking for money to fund the site.
We pay for our web privalages, yet you comment and refuse to defend yourself to us, for defence you need attack.
These are th actions of a guilty pesron as they do the running and hidding.

Not my exact words above^^^^..i never copyed and pasted it but more or less.
He uses tax payers money to do what he does. he even had the nerve to rub his sordedness into victims faces by making that record.
He was found guilty on 8 counts not one, one count of this action would and could be questioned 8 is somehow to coinsidental, he thinks the british public are fools, when his record is only purchased bey fellow peodophiles and not us he will find that is not the case.
King you are in no way deserving of your name, to us you are the scraps that the dogs eat bellow the feet of the rest of britain.
Crawl back under your rock now, save yourself the embarisament of the slow crawl the public will have you do.

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