Monday, March 14, 2005


Over at the supporting feature, Lil'Kim has been accused of lying at her grand jury hearing - and not just lying, but telling huge, "preosterous" whoppers. federal prosecutor Cathy Seibel painted a picture of a Lil'Kim who believed herself to be above the law:

Last week, Lil' Kim had testified that she "could not come into a grand jury and purposely tell false statements and lie."

But Seibel, calling Lil' Kim's testimony "laughable," said that's exactly what she did.

"It's like `Alice in Wonderland,' it's whatever lie is expedient at the moment," she said.

The trial is at its closing stages.

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Chris said...

Lil Kim should be aquitted of all charges because of the things that somene else (whom was found guilty) shot at somebody.
The forced her to take stand. Had she told it will have messed with her street creditbility, which will mess with her album sales. So that court is violating her rights. Your taking away her life without due process

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