Thursday, March 31, 2005


John Crosby of Vast has issued a statement that adds him to those disilluisioned with the RIAA-industry:

Hello everyone.

First I want to thank all of you for the support you have shown me through the last few years. I can't tell you how much it means.

We have been contemplating whether or not to fill you in on what has been happening over the last few months and have decided that you probably would like to know. We hope this email will answer all your questions?

We thought that after Elektra folded that we should go out on our own and start our own label, but we thought that somehow there were barriers to us being able to achieve all that we wanted to do on our own. We were wrong. We were approached by 456 Entertainment and licensed Nude to be released through them. Unfortunately, the promise of that situation proved false. I'm just tired of watching all the money you guys spend on Vast going to someone else.

From now on I am going to make records I believe in and promote them the way that I see fit. It's time for a change.

We signed a distribution deal and now 2blossoms (our label) has the ability to release records in stores everywhere.

We are putting the finishing touches on Nude 2, which will have different mixes and vocal takes on ten of the songs people who bought Turquoise and Crimson heard. There are two brand new songs as well. Everyone who buys Turquoise and Crimson will get a free good quality download of Nude 2. I hope you can understand that there are a few reasons we are putting out Nude 2 other than I think it sounds good and I?m proud of it. One; those songs were never released to people in stores, which still accounts for the majority of people and two; we want to re-release Nude through our own label. Nude 1 and 2 (full version) will hit stores in June. We will have a final release date by the middle of April.

Mike and I have been working on 20 brand new songs, which we are recording right now. We plan to release this record in the fall. It is my main focus.

For people who did not receive their Turquoise and Crimson double CD; there was a box of broken CDs, so we sold about 200 more than we had. We did a second printing and have since sent them to you. We didn?t write everyone about it because we thought the error would only push things back a week. Because I do not trust working with an outside fulfillment system I have started my own company. The learning curve has been steep but I think this will work out better than how things have been over the last few months. We will do anything to remedy the problems. We understand that if you are dissatisfied you will not order from us again so we hope you understand we have nothing to gain by these problems.

Without you we are nothing. With you we are something. If we only believed in ourselves more a year and a half ago all of this could have been avoided.

Fortunately we are free now and we get to move on. Ironically we are in the best possible situation we could ever be in. I guess sometimes we all need to go through bad times to get to the good times. Take care and thank you.


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