Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Back before Rufus and Conor were the boys who made the boys wish they were boys who did boys, it was Ryan Adams whose eyes made everyone ponder life a singer-songwriter's bitch. Now, he's trying to win back our love and filthy, filthy letters with the release of double album Cold Roses on May 3rd - preorders being taken.

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The track list in, well, full:
Disc: 1
1. Magnolia Mountain
2. Sweet Illusions
3. Meadowlake Street
4. When Will You Come Back Home?
5. Beautiful Sorta
6. Now That You're Gone
7. Cherry Lane
8. Mockingbirdsing
9. How Do You Keep Love Alive
Disc: 2
1. Easy Plateau
2. Let It Ride
3. Rosebud
4. Cold Roses
5. If I Am A Stranger
6. Dance All Night
7. Blossom
8. Life Is Beautiful
9. Friends

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