Saturday, April 09, 2005


Just when you think that American rap stars are running out of ideas form how to show they've got so much cash they can just piss it away, along comes another trend. Next month it'll be buying diamond encrusted elephants, but for now it seems to be pumping cash into sports teams. Unfortunately, there are only so many proper sports franchises to go round, so poor Ludacris has been forced to fall back on buying a pop-pop team. He's slushed some of the cash from his DTP label into the Blata-WCM team, who compete in races to see who has the fastest motorbike.

Yeah, we know: it's basically something you could do for a lot less money by buying a packet of Top Trumps

- see?
. But let's never try to stop a fool and his money being parted - instead, if we were in charge of a struggling third division football club (or whatever Coca-Cola thinks we should be calling it these days: Diet League, is it?) I'd be ringing up DefJam and asking if there was anyone looking to sponsor a matchball or two.

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