Thursday, April 14, 2005


We've always had a degree of respect for Benjamin Zephaniah, but that's being tried a bit with the news that he's written a poem to "mark" the ending of The Osbournes on MTV. Pam Ayres territory, surely? Or maybe Andrew Motion. Ben tries to jusitfy the work:

"I thought it was only fitting to put pen to paper and write them a fitting ode. The challenge was to write a poem about a family that has become an alternative institution without it sounding too worthy. Ozzy's not just the Prince of Darkness, but he's bona fide Brummy royalty too."

Doubtless he'll be knocking one out when Sharon makes the next Asda Mums commercial.

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Fatiha bint Abdul Sattar said...

I still respect Benjamin Zephaniah because of all the work he's done to help us marginalised and ethnic minority groups. Not only has he and does he work to help us in the UK to fight racism, sexism and other things, but his work also spans internationally. He not ony supports causes herse, but he also has strong feelings about the occupation of Palestine and supported anti-appartheid movements for South-Africa.
Come on! After all the work he does to help everyone he can in vatious ways, putting his neck on the front line, doesn't he deserve somethng for himself? Is he not alloweed to chill out every now and then?
i personally have never watched the Osbournes, but i know a good poem when i see one, and the one he wrote for the end of the show just illustrates how creative he can be.
And i, certainly, will not be respecting him any less just because he has done one thing, which i may or may not entirely agree with, and especially when it doesn't harm anybody.
People shouldn't be so quick to judge a man whose signs most of his books with the slogan: Peace, Love, Unity. Don't you think?

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