Monday, April 04, 2005


With the end of the Financial Year, The Sunday Business Post in Ireland got a chance to see what the local pop stars were worth. For example, Daniel O'Donnell's DOD promotions company made a profit of EUR1.06 at the end of 2003. Nice for him.

Doing less well was Curtain Call, one of three Cranberries legitimate business front operations - in 2003, they made a loss of EUR637,000, something like a 1.2million Euro drop.

Oddly, the Corrs also saw a massive drop in their profitability: profits down by 90% on 2002 to a tiny EUR39,800; Coppice, their trading vessel, wound up with just EUR18,600 in the bank. There's an interesting billing of another company, Coppice International Management, of EUR213,400 for admin. These, of course, are the sort of artists who the record labels are trying to protect from having their earnings hit by piracy. Otherwise they might not have so much to play with in their book-keeping exercises.

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