Sunday, April 03, 2005


While we're looking at Glastonbury, there's been some slightly ominous moves behind the scenes that could lead to ultra-Bushite Clear Channel having a major role in the organisation of the festival in future years. Clear Channel is taking a huge stake in Mean Fiddler, which is wholly responsible for the Reading Festival, a slew of London venues and, of course, does the security and logistics parts of the Glastonbury Festival. It's expected Clear Channel will mount a bid for full control of the MF group if its bid to buy out Vince Power's share of the company is successful.

The company who put up this billboard, without being asked:

... having any sort of stake in a festival which used to support CND? And still supports Greenpeace? Some confliction there, surely?


Anonymous said...

oh no! the conservatives are coming!!!!

my god, are you a typical paranoid leftie or what? get a life, son.

simon h b said...

Nope, I'm an atypical paranoid leftie. I was going to get a life, but what with Bush allowing Alaska to be fucked up for six months' worth of oil, and all those SUVs, there doesn't seem to be much point in the effort...

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