Saturday, April 30, 2005


There might have been a time when the singles chart meant something, but on both sides of the Atlantic anomalies demonstrate that they're hardly talking sense anymore. So, while it's astonishing that Coldplay have beaten the Beatle's record for the highest new entry in the US singles chart (Speed of Sound has gone in at 8; the only other UK single to debut top 10 was Hey Jude at ten), does that actually mean that Coldplay are better than the Beatles?

Still, if we were Chris Martin, we'd be phoning up Noel to ask him if he's seen the Billboard listings this week.

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Robin said...

Actually Hey Jude wasn't even the highest-debuting Beatles single - that was Let It Be, which entered the Hot 100 at number 6 and remained the highest-debuting single by any act, *of any nationality*, for 25 years. And of course Candle In The Wind 1997 entered at number 1. So this is no Billboard chart "record" of any description, unless you count it as the biggest impact yet made on the Hot 100 by the inclusion of digital sales.

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