Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Brian Harvey's people are rushing round to make it clear that he didn't attempt suicide; he was merely taken to hospital "by a worried friend" after he took "one or two" sleeping tablets. In fact, according to a spokesperson:

"I spoke to him this morning and he is finding the story of his supposed suicide attempt quite amusing."

So amusing, in fact, Harvey laughed all the way to a clinic.

"Reports of Brian attempting suicide are totally untrue.

"On Friday night, he was feeling depressed and his dad came round to see him.

"His dad gave him one or two sleeping tablets which knocked him out big time.

"Later that night, a friend went round to his house, saw him out cold and thought something was wrong, so took him to hospital."

Hmm... but if a friend comes round on Friday night and sees you looking groggy and so automatically assumes you must have topped yourself, it hardly is a sign that everything's alright, is it?

Apparently the clinic Harvey has gone to is the same one he attended for depression in 2004 before he went on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. Presumably because it was so successful that time round.

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