Tuesday, April 05, 2005


So, officially, then, the Glastonbury ticket sales went like a dream, although it seems fairly clear that the disaster of 2004 meant the wobbles the system experienced this year didn't seem quite so bad. But there are still reports that the system couldn't cope. Aloud seem really pleased that their system didn't actually fall over, although there are numerous reports of people finding the online forms were solid but malfunctioning; a lot of people who bought tickets had to use backdoor URLS; the confirmation emails took over twelve hours to appear. The biggest problem, reading through the BBC News responses, is that the tickets sold out more or less instantly, but the system didn't reflect this:

A success? From reading the other emails it seems most tickets were sold in the first hour, confirming my suspicions that most of us were wasting our time. Despite being logged on from 9am and with my mobile and landline on constant redial, I got nowhere. Neither did anyone else I know. The only way I knew they'd all been sold was when Radio 1 announced it.

You also wonder how many people who tried last year decided not to bother this year, taking some of the pressure out of the system.

Let's hope Michael Eavis decides to swap to some sort of lottery system for 2007. If Clear Channel will let him.

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