Friday, April 01, 2005


Garbage have made their live comeback at London Scala, being beefed up with added bassist, Janes Addiction guy Eric Avery (not, we understand, heir to the sticky label fortune). Manson was wearing a black, backless evening dress and kitten heels. Off which she fell.

That setlist in full:

Bad Boyfriend
Stupid Girl
Hammering In My Head
Shut Your Mouth
Bleed Like Me
I Think Im Paranoid
Push It
Only Happy When It Rains
When I Grow Up
Why Do You Love Me?

-and, for the encore

Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)’
Sex Is Not The Enemy
Right Between The Eyes

Meanwhile, Shirley's gone a little Louise Wener on us and done the "I only get called outspoken because society is sexist" bit:

"I don't know why I have this reputation. It's probably because I'm opinionated and not shy about saying what I feel.

"Women, of course, are supposed to be a certain way and the record industry would still have us act in a way that appeals to frustrated schoolboys.

"Look at someone as incredibly talented as COURTNEY LOVE. Men have behaved in exactly the same way as she has and they've been idolised for it, or at worst have gained some kind of sympathy."

While totally agreeing that women do get a raw deal in the music industry - they do in most other industries, too - is the bit about Courtney right? Hasn't she got away with a hell of a lot more because she's a woman (or, at least, a widow)? It's hard to think of any bloke with such a small number of records sold who'd still be given the run of a recording studio after so much misbehaviour.

And Shirley's not happy with Bush, either:

"It makes me so sad to think about all the seriously committed gay couples who are struggling and fighting for the right to enter into the institution of marriage.

"Meanwhile silly little girls like Nicky Hilton are able to make an absolute mockery of it and, besides the odd raised eyebrow or two, totally get away with it just because they're heterosexual. It's so unjust.

"I find it abhorrent that anybody should be able to tell somebody how they can live their life.

"Nobody, in the America I know, is represented by the Bush administration."

You might want to ask around the next time you're in the record label, Shirl...

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Anonymous said...

Oh God, when you said BUSH, I thought you meant she didn't like Gavin Rossdale. I was trying really hard to figure why in the world Shirl would have a problem with Gwen Stefani's marriage. Then I thought well she seems to have a problem with everyone at the moment, so maybe... but I wouldn't take on La Stefani. Though tickets would sell pretty fast. I digress.

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