Wednesday, April 27, 2005


So it turns out that most people wouldn't buy a used car from George Michael - his online auction of his black Range Rover (registration J5 STUD) raised only GBP11,600 for charity.

The car on offer was the same one which George was driving when he went out on a date with Linda Evangelista, notoriously getting clamped in the process. George later admitted that he'd seen all the warning signs, chose to ignore them but wasn't really surprised when he wasn't able to get anywhere at the end of the night. Linda Evangelista apparently said the same thing about going on a date with George.

We think we need to keep on the record, though, the humble way George pitched a slightly wonky old car when he put it up on Ebay:

"This is a unique opportunity to own a car owned by one of the most talented singer/songwriters of modern times.

"It is without question a one-off, as this gentleman's vehicles never see the private ad columns and would normally be handed down to family or friends."

George Michael, of course, would never to be so tacky as to try to use the the small ads. He really does prefer to hand things off to people he's met face to face. Seems he's exactly the same when it comes to selling cars.

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