Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Despite all the hoo-hah and photo ID, Glasto tickets are still turning up on Ebay, much to the chagrain of Glastonbury organisers:

"Anyone now offering tickets for sale is utterly bogus. Do not purchase tickets from unofficial sources.

"This is not permitted under the tickets terms and conditions - you may lose your money and will not gain entry to the festival."

Now, while we can understand why Glasto don't want touts buying blocks of tickets and flogging them at mark-ups, we're still no nearer an answer to the question of why they think its acceptable to deny people who buy a ticket and find their circumstances change to sell it on; even at cost price. Is there any ethical justification for saying that, for example, that when young Peter buys a ticket and then discovers his mates couldn't get any, that he has to either go on his own or forfeit the hundred and some-odd quid he's invested. In effect, in a bid to stop the touts, Glastonbury have created a system that punishes individual music fans for finding their plans changing between 9 am on the first Sunday in April and June. It's on a par with removing everyone's freedoms in a bid to catch a few terrorists.

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Anonymous said...

Do they not let people return them for face value? If they did, it wouldn't be a problem.

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