Saturday, April 09, 2005


Apparently, what propelled Whitney Houston back to rehab was a final warning by her more talented mother, Cissy Houston. Or so says a "source":

"She was horrified when she saw Whitney walking around the front yard - as thin as a stick, like an old homeless woman,'' a source told the tab. The source also claims Cissy threatened to take away 12-year-old Bobbi Kristina if Houston didn't get help. As for Whitney's hubby, Roxbury bad boy Bobby Brown, the Enquirer reported the two spend their time fighting and getting high. "Whitney and Bobby fight like two men in a bar,'' the insider dished. "There are holes in the dining room wall where Bobby slammed his fist once and broken chairs have been lying all over the floor.''

Yikes - Anne Maurice ain't going to like that. We really cherish the image of Whit and Bob fighting like men in a bar, though, and it's one that will make any big comeback so much sweeter in our eyes. But what on earth do they find to fight so angrily about? Whose career is more screwed? Who smoked the last spoon?

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