Friday, April 08, 2005


So, that smooth Glasto ticket operation wasn't quite as smooth as it looked: it seems an unspecified number of ticket purchasers had their tickets cancelled due to "payment difficulties."

Seetickets - the company which provides the tech for - are blaming other people. Nick Blackburn says "it's possible that this is a mistake which lies more with the credit card companies." Which may be the case, although we understand that those affected had already their purchase processed - which would seem to be the credit cards companies doing their job. So are we supposed to accept that the credit card companies then turned round and said "Hang about, that card we said was okay ten hours ago? Actually, it's maxed out." Possible, although it seems unlikely. If they behaved like that, you'd see shopkeepers having to chase customers down the street - "madam, could I have the hat and handbag back? Visa have made a mistake..."

Still, the whole thing's being investigated, so we might find out what went wrong.

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