Saturday, April 16, 2005


Whatever the Girls Aloud camp try to claim, it seems lukewarm reaction to yet another trudging ballad cover has lead to the scrapping of Wicked Games as a single. The Official line is that it's just too difficult to push a single while rehearsing for a tour:

"We tried to release a new single to coincide with the tour but it's just not going to be possible. It would have meant the girls taking time out of rehearsals to film videos and shoot the sleeve and then do promotion for the single on TV."

Hmm... they need so much rehearsal for the tour they can't pop in to do a CD:UK and a slot or two on Radio One? Either they're rubbish singers or... well, even if they are, it's clear that the mass internet going "Another bloody ballad?" has scuppered the single. Thank god for the power of digital.

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