Wednesday, April 13, 2005


No sooner has Britney confirmed that, actually, it's not one too many plates of nachos, and she is going to have a lovely little baby, than bookies are taking bets on what its going to be called. For some reason, William Hills think she's going to turn her back on the celebrity habit of giving babies stupid names and will go with something like William or Harry (20-1 joint favourites) although Trailer is getting some action at 250-1.

For girls, Elizabeth is on the starting blocks at 3-1 (an untimely death of her majesty in the next few months would surely see the odds on that shorten considerably).

There's no indication from Hills as to why they believe Britney wouldn't have a stupid name for her child - we can only assume that they don't want people guessing she'll go for something totally random as why would you bother to place a bet on a name if you believe she'll just open the OED at random and pick a word?

Now, we always thought that bookies refused to accept bets on tragic events, which is why we find it odd that at the same time as taking bets on the child's name, they're also offering odds on Kevin and Britney getting a divorce - 4-1, in from sixes before the announcement. Either they feel the strain of having a kid will crack the marriage; or else they're thinking she was only interested in Kevin's hugely fertile testicles.

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