Tuesday, April 26, 2005


We're not really surprised that Mariah Carey has a wardrobe dedicated to underwear. It's not like she wears anything else, is it?

It's amusing that she's now given up all pretence of being a serious artist and has embraced her role as the softest of softcore porn star. Even the quotes she gives in interviews are starting to read like they're being liften verbatim from fanfic:

"I like lingerie that's lacy and normally white. But then I also love dressing up in pink lingerie - and black is hot too. I have everything laid out in colours so I can pick them out quickly. It's right off my bathroom so rather than going down to my main closet soaking wet, all dripping and nude, I decided to make a nice lingerie closet. That way I can jump out of my tub, run naked into the next room and put on a nice little number."

Later in the interview, she announced she was getting hot and asked if anyone minded if she removed her knickers and played with herself a little.

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