Friday, April 15, 2005


Dane Bowers, who had a hit about three decades ago with Victoria Beckham doing the vocals, and then presented Smash Hits TV on Sky One and, um, you know, stuff like that got himself arrested after a touch of the Dohertys. Six foot barman Matt Goss (not, we think, that Matt Goss) was enjoying a drink with Dane's manager after hours in a hotel when... well, Matt picks up the story:

"When Dane arrived with two girls and another guy he just went mad. He started screaming and shouting and told me to get the fuck out. I got up to leave and had almost reached the doorway when he punched me three times in the face. I didn't get aggressive or hit him back."

Apparently Dane stays at Novotel these days. When he's not down at the cop shop. Bowers was released on bail.

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