Tuesday, April 26, 2005


And the shockwaves from the Beckham Nanny's gabbing in the papers continue to... well, smear themselves over the front page, but really it's managed to be somewhat squibby: the tabloids have really overplayed this; banging on about the rotten state of the Posh and Dezza marriage for so long there isn't really anything about another bunch of claims to make even the worst celeb-whore raise anything more than a half interested eyebrow. Not that the tabs are that bothered:

Mind you, the Daily Star's taking no chances, shoring up the appeal of a Beckham splash with a picture of Tina O'Brien in a bikini and 20% off at CarpetRite.

- and even the Sun relegates David to a tiny corner of a page; upstaged by some gnomes. (Overseas readers might like to take the opportunity to enjoy the quality of election coverage in the UK). Actually, is it us, or has it been ages since the Sun last had four proper news stories (okay, stretching the definition, but items other than 'win a car'/'fhm pictures') on its front page?

But it's not all about the end of the Beckham marriage. The Mirror, indeed, suggests that it's stronger than ever:

And, of course, the Mirror has the biggest splash on Elton's wedding news...

... but oddly, the Independent also finds room on its front page for the news.

While we're on the papers, is there anything sinister in the way The Times chooses to advertise itself on the TV at the moment? Being (wrongly) convinced it's too posh for one of the standard newspaper ad front page mock-ups (where, for example, the Daily Mail will trail Free Seeds with a false front page 'FREE SEEDS FOR EVERY MAIL READER' rather than show a proper front page - 'BLACK MAN SPOTTED IN NICE NEIGHBOURHOOD - House Price Shocker' for example), the Times is using a real front page to push its giveaways. (It was once a paper of record, now it's a free ticket to see The Wedding Date). The story they've chosen? The one about the BPI suing its customers - "Internet Pirates Told To Pay Up' or words to that effect. Is Murdoch trying to subliminally help out his mates at the bigger record labels?

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