Saturday, April 16, 2005


This far, most of the people targetted by the RIAA have looked at the size of the multi-headed beast attacking them and, understandably, elected to come to a settlement. This far. Dawnell Leadbetter has been contacted by a debt collection agency demanding thousands of bucks on behalf of the RIAA. Leadbetter is furious - not just with the RIAA, but also with Comcast, her ISP. Comcast had just handed over her contact details without her agreement, or, indeed, any court compelling them to do so. Leabbetter is now suing Comcast for violating her privacy. Even if she doesn't win her case, it's going to cause ISPs to demand more than just an email from the RIAA before they hand over details, which is going to make their attempts to sue everybody in America even more expensive, and even more pointless.

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