Sunday, April 03, 2005


We're starting to get lost about who has snarked at who - was it The Bravery snorting about Kaiser Chiefs or the other way round? Anyway, Serge Pizzorno of Kasabian has weighed in to indierocks' own version of the rap wars by complaining that Franz Ferdinand are not... uh, "real":

"Franz Ferdinand, Keane, all that lot, I just don't believe them. They are not my people, they are not real, and they'll get found out soon enough. The Beatles were real, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, us. Why? It's in our blood. What's in Keane's blood? Fucking tap water I'll bet."

We're a little puzzled by this - it seems that because Franz Ferdinand are artschool types they don't count; but The Beatles, with Mr. Artschool himself Lennon at the helm, are somehow real. Hmm.


Robin said...

The really strange thing about this curious piece of inverted-snob bigotry is that it lumps Franz Ferdinand in with Keane. I mean, he doesn't think FF all went to Fettes or Gordonstoun, did he? (Not that I'd give a fuck if they did, but this character is very obviously the sort who *would*).

Robin said...

"did he?" - "does he?"

Robin said...

What makes this statement even more hilarious is that the half of Led Zeppelin who didn't come from the West Midlands were impeccably Home Counties middle-class, Page so much so that he appeared on Huw Wheldon's "All Your Own", a quintessential Aertex-shirts-and-grey-shorts BBC children's programme. While the two Home Counties members of Zeppelin didn't go to public school AFAIK, they came from the sort of family which has worked its way up the social ladder to the point where members of such families born at the same time as the members of Keane often were privately educated, particularly as such families often only tolerated state education for as long as grammar schools were widespread. But what use are facts when the opportunity shows itself for a good inverted-snob rant? (I mean, what does he want the middle classes to do instead? Flower-arranging? Foxhunting? Nazi sympathising?)

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