Thursday, April 28, 2005


You might recall that last year the big labels were discovered overcharging consumers in the US for CDs (this stealing, of course, was in a country where CDs are cheaper than in Europe, especially in the UK), and that as part of the settlement, RIAA members were supposed to donate CDs to libraries and other noble institutions. You might also recall that the labels responded to what was effectively being given a slap on the wrist by abusing the system and dumping any old shit they had stinking the place up on the libraries receiving the first tranche of CDs. But having been caught out, they'd not carry on thumbing their nose at the people of the US, right?

Wrong. They've just delivered CDs to California and you can see they're still seeing this as an opportunity to dump slurry.

Sure, there's the odd grudging gift of something nice, but on the whole, the pdf documents are like a listing of the least sold records of the last ten years. So A K Smiley Public Library will find itself trying to loan out nine copies of the Atlantic 50th Anniversary album, and the same number of Samantha Mumba's place-stinker Gotta Tell You. Everyone's getting shedloads of ill-considered Christmas albums - the Alameda Public Libraries are to be gifted no less than forty-eight copies of Christmas with Yolanda Adams and forty-one Michael Crawford's Christmas Album. And so it goes on.

It's not clear if the major labels also sent empty soda cans and discarded tampons, but it wouldn't surprise us. They're meant to be being punished - instead they're just flytipping.

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