Friday, April 01, 2005


You'd have thought that Sanctuary Records - normally seen as one of the more sane of the music industry corportations - would have been delighted that anyone cared enough about Kelly Osbourne as to spend their time making a website about her. You'd also have thought they'd be savvy enough not to be heavy-handed about a slight breach of copyright here and there.

You'd be wrong. They've grabbed; unless this is all a rather lame April Fool:

To Web Administrators of

We here by produce an injunction by our law offices to discontinue services to this Web. This Web,, has broken a contractual agreement with Sanctuary Records Group (SRG). This excerpt is taken from SRG's 'Terms of Obligation' from the legal offices:

"All audio or audio-visual recordings ("Recordings") that were on this Website are protected by copyright laws by Sanctuary Records. You may not under any circumstances reproduce, record, publish, publicly exhibit, distribute, diffuse broadcast transmit or exploit any Recordings made for our artists."

This Web,, will no longer be available do to the postings of media that is copyrighted to SRG. The music video for Kelly Osbourne's "One Word" is copyrighted to SRG and its affiliates; posting of this video from 25 March through 27 March was illegal and action has been taken.

Yours truly,

Joe Cokell, CEO.

Also, Joe, if you start a letter without the name of the person you're writing to, it's Yours Sincerely, not Yours truly.

Meanwhile, can it really be true that the new Kelly album includes the line "If you could imagine the fuckin' look on my face / When I finally realised I was the victim of date rape" - possibly the most clunking consideration of date rape since one of Musgraves was supposed to have drugged Jennifer Ellison's sister in Brookside that time.


Anonymous said...

You were right - it's a lame April Fool.

Darren said...

Acksherly, if you don't know the name of the person to whom you are writing (to), you use "Yours Faithfully", and if you DO know their name, "Yours Sincerely"

I think.

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