Thursday, April 14, 2005


It turns out the shooting of Dimebag at the Columbus Damageplan gig wasn't the first time Nathan Gale had disrupted one of their gigs. Gale had previously attempted rushed the stage when the band played Cincinnati in 2004:

Gale, 25, jumped on stage and caused about $1,800 worth of damage to lights and other equipment during a struggle with club security, according to Cincinnati police reports. The band continued playing as Gale was removed from the stage, witnesses said.

Officers who responded to a 911 call labeled Gale's actions as criminal damaging and endangering, but no charges were filed because band members did not want to return to Cincinnati for court hearings, The Columbus Dispatch reported on Wednesday.

In other words, the band had had an opportunity to take action against Gale but elected not to because it would have meant a short interstate flight. Obviously, they didn't know what the consequences of that decision would be.

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