Thursday, April 07, 2005


Although we're depressed at the news that Stereophonic's Dakota is the most-downloaded legal track so far this year (thank god people stealing music have better taste), we're delighted by the photo BBC News Online have chosen to accompany the story.

The top five downloads in full are:
1. Stereophonics - Dakota
2. Chemical Brothers - Galvanize
3. Jennifer Lopez - Get Right
4. Nelly - Over and Over
5. Gwen Stefani - What You Waiting For

... which has prompted Peter Jamieson, head of music industry cartel the BPI to get all excited about just what a bright future the singles chart will have when downloads are incorporated:

"These figures suggest that the addition of downloads to the official singles chart will take the market to new audiences and broaden the appeal of the singles market."

Yes, because when you look at the top five downloads, you just can't wait for clod-hopping rockbands, clapped-out dance acts, over-exposed designer wannabes and Nelly to have a chance at the charts. Imagine, eh - including downloads will mean there's a chance that Jennifer Lopez will at long last have a chance to take on McFly for the coveted number one spot.

Good grief. In fact, let's just cheer ourselves up and see that Kelly Jones picture again, shall we?

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Anonymous said...

Kiss my ass whoever wrote this article. Stereophonics deserve the credit. Dakota is a great song. Go back to your pathetic hole, you P.O.S. rock critic. Those who CANNOT create, must piss & moan about those who can.

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