Monday, April 04, 2005


No, really... what the hell is the cover of X and Y, the Coldplay album, meant to be?

Obviously, it's a nice change from the usual "the art teacher is away today, so please just draw something sensitive" approach they use, but what is it? Any ideas? Anyway, they've announced the final tracklisting as well, and we're sure we can all imagine what these will sound like:

* ‘Square One’
* ’What If’
* ’White Shadows’
* ’Fix You’
* ’Talk’
* ’X&Y’
* ’Speed Of Sound’
* ’A Message’
* ’Low’
* ’The Hardest Part’
* ’Swallowed In The Sea’
* ’Twisted Logic’

We'd love to think the opening track is a homage to Joe Brown's early eighties game show Square One, but we suspect it'll be another 'oh, my poor heart is broken' type dirge.


acb said...

Very Peter Saville.

I wonder whether this means that Coldplay will attempt to graft a retro-fashionable early-New Order cold-and-detached aesthetic over their core of feel-good schmaltz.

jana said...

i got a message saying it should resemble tetris (the russian computer game) very retro

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