Saturday, April 02, 2005


We really like the sound of the Barcelona Primavera Sound festival - not only because it shares its name with a pasta dish (wouldn't V2005 be so much more fun if it was called the Raviolifest?) but it's got Steve Earle (or Early, as they'd have it), New Order and something called "The Human" (we suspect that might be the Human League. We just wish they'd been a little less stingy and had a proper translator work on their press release:

Who would tell the organizers of the first edition of the Primavera Sound just five years ago that this would be one of the most prestigious music festivals of Spain and even of Europe. Considering the fact that year after year the festival has matured in quantity and quality it could not be otherwise.

The most important groups of the next edition, which will take place from the 26 until the 28 of May, will give the visitors an amazing experience. The punk will have its appearance at the festival through the presence of the veterans Iggy Pop & Stooges, New Order and The Human steps in to the festival as a reference to the English tecno-pop of the 80s, Steve Early arrives with The Dukes, while the American Sonic Youth repeats the experience after being demanded in the 2003 edition.

Not less important second level artists and national groups appear. As r representatives of our music, The Planets, Astrud, Christina Rosevinge and Nacho Vegas deserve a special attention.

As news, The Primavera Sound of 2005 incorporates a contest dedicated to the French music to its program. Dominique TO, Briggite Fontaine, Bertrand Betsch, Daniel Darc, The Married Monk, among others, are some of the abundant number of musicians of the neighbouring country that will approach Barcelona during three really promising days.

As a new contribution to the festival, the more than 70 bands that will participate in the festival will parade through the seven settings that will be used in the precinct of the Forum, space that will permit to enlarge the capacity compared to past editions, besides housing a Record Fair and of Professionals and the Primavera Soundtrack Film Festival.


Go on... you wouldn't want to spend the whole time listening to The Human, would you?

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