Thursday, April 07, 2005


We know that someone dug up Benny Hill's garve looking for cash, but we thought that this headline on the Scotsman's website showed that things had sunk to a new low: Frankie Howerd OBE is raffled. Actually, it turns out they're missing an apostrophe and an s; it's merely his OBE and not Frankie Howerd OBE himself which is going up to be the raffle prize.

(And, yes, actually, Frankie Howerd does have a couple of feet in pop history - not merely down to his appearance in the BeeGees remakes of Sergeant Peppers (as Mean Mr Mustard); he had the Ed Stewart staple Three Little Fishes under his belt, and did a cover, we believe, of Je Taime with June Whitfield. And then there's this curiosity: Get Your Titters Out, which set some of his act to a disco beat.)

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