Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Actually, we quite like the basis of today's story - that one of the other members of Babyshambles seems to have noticed that nobody is much interested in them. New drummer Adam Ficek apparently was overheard bemoaning his status as crack-era Sleeperbloke:

"Maybe if I get myself a supermodel girlfriend, take some drugs and spend a bit of time in prison I'll get noticed," he joked. Coming to his senses he added: "Nah, maybe not!"

... it's just we're not sure we can endorse the 3am Girls conclusion:

We agree about the jail and drugs, but is shagging Kate Moss really that bad?

Prison or shagging Kate Moss? With one, you'd be forced to share a really small place with other men of dubious character; with the other, there's at least a possibility that you might get to work on the prison farm.


Anonymous said...

good joke. i feel bad that you don't get more comments. i would comment more, but i usually don't have much more to say than what you see above. oh, and bloggers.com's comment system.

Anonymous said...

adam used to teach at my school when i was a 6th former... he was gorgeous,

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