Sunday, May 15, 2005


As you'll know, the supposed cuckolding of Justin Timberlake reported by Fox news' sister paper, The Sun, has prompted Cameron Diaz to set her legal attack dogs on the paper. Meanwhile - and thanks to the person who posted this in our comments section; we think it deserves a higher profile, the guy who was photographed kissing her has blogged about being monstered by the tabloids. He's called Shane Nickerson, and this just a sample:

I relaxed a bit. Maybe this was just a desperate magazine fishing for a story. Maybe they weren't actually going to run this, but were snooping around to see if there was anything to drudge up. Maybe I was panicking over nothing. My voicemail ring beeped from my cellphone. I called it:

"Hey Shane, it's Derek. I just got a call from The National Enquirer about you and Cameron Diaz. I told them nothing. me."

Motherfucker! How the hell did they...? Why Derek? Derek is in the show I used to do at Improv Olympic. Derek and I have known each other for about 7 years, but he's just such a random person in my life to call. We perform together and occasionally I'll see him at a party. I knew then that that they were using my website to find out who I know. My e-mail alert went off. I checked it:

Hey, can you call me? The Natl. Enquirer just called me about a story they
are doing about YOU. Not that I had anything to say to them, but I did get the information about the story from the reporter if you want it. ~JM

Jessica, "The Ninja" Stover? I JUST met her like two weeks ago at Wil's show. What kind of reporting are these guys doing?

It's more than worth reading the whole piece.

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